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Monday, April 1, 2013

March 19, 2013 - Things are Improving

Things with Parrish are improving.  He is calmer but extremely drowsy, having difficulty keeping his eyes open, and he has occasional slurred speech and is sometimes paranoid.  He is on several drugs that could cause a multitude of side effects but doesn’t have an appointment to see a physician at River Edge until the middle of April.  So, we do the best we can.  It would be such a gift if we had a doctor available to call at times like this.  

When things are more settled and Parrish has a place to live and we have his finances in order, maybe he can see a private psychiatrist.  Since his father and stepmother are contributing to his upkeep, we may be able to swing it.

For now, I am spending time with him about 4 days a week.  He rides along when I run errands, and we eat at Waffle House (his favorite) nearly every time we go out.  I gave him a tiny iPod I bought several years ago but decided not to give it to him then.  He was in Florida and I knew he would lose it or sell it or give it away.  He loves it.  

I am anxious and unsteady and a little afraid of what may happen.  Life with P is much easier without the manic episodes, but they have now been replaced by a sluggishness that means he sometimes cannot keep his eyes open.   It will take constant monitoring to keep Parrish on an even keel.  I should be grateful for what we have, unsatisfactory though it may be.

We have talked about a visit to the hospital for medication management.  He says he doesn’t object, saying, “Why wouldn’t I want to stop feeling like this?  If I need to go to hospital, then I will go.”  We can’t take any action until I have guardianship.