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Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's About Me

I have spent too much time thinking and writing about Parrish.  It’s important that I do that but not at the expense of my own person and physical needs. 

I have lost sleep and been traumatized by the situations into which P’s disease inserted us.  I have been anxious and in pain while he stole my pain and anxiety medications.  I am gaining weight because I am feeding my fatigue and frustration with sweets.

Yesterday and today, while Parrish has been asleep, I have rested and written blog posts and eaten a healthy grain-based diet.  There are dishes to put away and more to wash.  I will take care of that when P is awake.  I need a shower.  

Belle is old and sick.  She is confused and I wonder about her eyesight.  Wobbly when up, she sleeps most of the time.  After two days of refusing to eat, she finally ate something yesterday.  That made it possible for her to take her medicine from Dr. Pam - an antibiotic and Remadyl and an antacid.  Dr. Pam is a mobile vet and brings her office to us.  

Belle has tumors in her mouth and her gums are in bad shape, making it difficult for her to chew.  She is too old and fragile to go under general anesthesia for a cleaning, so we manage with an all meat food that is finely ground and which she can lap up.  Tomorrow, I am going to buy her elevated bowls because when she leans over to the floor for food and water, she sometimes loses her balance.

Honey is healthy but sometimes anxious and fractious.  She snaps at Belle when Belle is getting food and she is not.  Parrish’s manic episodes of the last weeks have sent her hiding behind the toilet in my bedroom.  It’s as far away from him as she can get.  Pitiful.  God, I hope these long hours of sleep will have the benefit of settling him down a little. 

There I go, writing about Parrish and his disease again.  I can’t seem to help myself.

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