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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Hell Bitch Has a Heart


The Hell Bitch has a heart! Yesterday, when I arrived at work, there was a list of ten patients for me to see this week - by myself. I felt as though someone had dragged me up on the high dive and thrown me into the deep end of the pool.

My orientation is far from complete. Oh, I can do the patient care, but we have reams of paperwork, and The Hell Bitch has been doing it. I don’t have a laptop yet, so it was easier for her to take care of it. I was expecting to be oriented to all the paperwork and my laptop - before being set out on my own.

I felt overwhelmed, anxious and completely caught off guard, and when I walked over to The Hell Bitch’s desk to tell her I was longer hers, I was fighting back tears. She stood up and wrapped her big arms around me and hugged me tight, saying I would be okay. I was never so shocked.!

Yes, she is still a Hell Bitch and always will be. That is who she is, but now I know she has a heart, and casts a new light on her bitchiness. It is more bearable, but now that I have been throw off the high dive, I won’t be working with her one-on-one anymore.

I am surprised to feel sad about that, but I do.

PS: I did great!


Katie Gates said...

I enjoyed these two posts about the Hell Bitch. The good thing about personalities like hers is that, when they are kind, loving and/or supportive, it feels incredibly wonderful. HBs are never taken for granted, and for that, I say more power to them!!!

Tina said...

looks like her nice side come around a little too late. i used to have a boss like that!