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Monday, November 3, 2014

Home At Last

          It has been along time since my post back in June, but that doesn’t mean I haven't been writing. I’m in the organizational stage of my memoir and will soon be ready to begin to bring it together into what I hope will be a good book, a valuable book about the challenges and rewards of having an adult child with a brain disorder, it’s impact on all of those who love him so much. It was a long, hot and arduous summer, but it is behind us, and I pray for continued peace. But, that’s a story for another time. 
     Fall has brought with it the departure of the Hummingbirds who graced my deck from the time I first hung the feeder. We moved into our new house on August 8, and three months later, we are finally settled, art on the walls, furniture placed - after several false starts. I am happy here. Our street is quiet, nestled under a canopy of live oaks and flanked by the marsh and a lovely tidal pond where Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets regularly fish for their dinner. Our bird feeder is a flurry of activity. Carolina Chickadees and Tufted Titmouse (there doesn’t seem to be a plural), Pine Warblers and all manner of Sparrows frequent the feeder. At this time of year, even Red-bellied Woodpeckers feed off the seed, and the ubiquitous Cardinal is a regular visitor. As I write, the Chickadees are buzzing down, one after another and in pairs, sometimes landing on the top of the feeder hook to position themselves for a run to fish out the sunflower seeds. The squirrels are happy with the corn we provide for them at the other end of the yard. Honey takes a sunbath nearly every day in our fenced back yard, which is just the right size.
     On this chilly morning (50-something degrees), the sun is bright and the sky is a cloudless blue, shimmering like stained glass. After a windy weekend, the air is moving gently, just enough to ruffle the leaves on our evergreens. The neighborhood is rich in ligustrum, wax myrtle, oleander and old tall pine trees. It’s the perfect day for a bike ride, and we have one planned for later this morning. The Island is covered with bike paths, and we can pedal for miles on them.
     The summer tourists have departed and the Georgia-Florida football onslaught of students and alumni and other rabid fans is behind us. The Island is quiet and peaceful and the pace of living has returned to its languid norm. 
     With “The Holidays” looming, I’m in cooking mode and ready to take down the Christmas China and start baking cheese straws and wedding cookies. This house feels like home, and I, after a little over a year back on The Island, finally feel grounded and settled and dug in. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I am grateful for it. 


Mary Beth Bellomo said...

What a lovely and splendid entry. Makes me wish I was there enjoying this beautiful scenery with you. Glad you are enjoying calm seas right now.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You sound happy and I'm glad the new home is giving you some peace. Looking forward to more entries here!

Squirrel said...

Now that's more like it. I could see it all.

Jenny Bonds said...

Glad to hear from you and that you are happy. Love you Claudia.

tmhighsmith said...

Wonderful I love you!

tmhighsmith said...

Wonderful! I love you!

Ujjvala Rahn said...

Smooth as silk, Claudia. Now I only have small things to point out. Still want me to, right?
Bird names don't need caps. The holidays don't need quotes or caps because it's an accepted phrase. What kind of evergreenergy are they? More concrete that way. Love, Ujjvala

Claudia Schlottman said...

Thanks, Ujjvala! I purposely capped the birds because I love them so much. Quotes around the holidays for emphasis. Understand about the evergreens. Will expand. XO

Viki said...

You sound like you are more at peace with everything. Enjoy it!