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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Running Scared


My Dead Husband loved music - jazz, rock, classical.  I have the a DVD we used to watch every now and then because we just needed to.  It’s called "Roy Orbison:  Black and White Night."  It’s Roy and some of his friends performing at Cocoanut Grove Nightclub, Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on November 11, 1988.  Here’s the list of friends:

Jackson Browne

T-Bone Burnett

Elvis Costello

k.d. lang

Bonnie Raitt

J. Steven Soles

J.D. Souther

Bruce Springsteen

Tom Waits

Jennifer Warnes

Alex Acuna

James Burton

Glen D. Hardin

Jerry Scheff

Cool?  Very cool.  They did 17 of Roy’s hits, and their enthusiasm and sheer joy at playing with him was so contagious, we caught it right through the TV set every time we watched and listened.  I even played air guitar with The Boss and James Burton.  Maybe I will again one day.  I tried to watch the DVD today but I couldn’t do it.  Not the right time, I guess. 

I did listen to a Roy CD, and it make me remember that Clint’s favorite of his songs was Running Scared.  He was jealous of me, afraid one of my old boyfriends would appear and I would leave him for said boyfriend.  This man, the object of my (endless) love and, yes, adoration, was afraid of losing me!  It was an age thing, I think, though our 14 year age difference was not really an issue in other ways.  As time went by, the jealousy fell away, but that song remained his favorite.  He would sing along with it, triumphantly belting out the last line, “You turned away and walked away with me.” 

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