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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baton Rouge Part 2 - © Claudia Schlottman


I don’t know  where to begin.  I’m still exhausted from my drive to Baton Rouge and the marathon post I wrote the morning after I arrived.  I should be on my way home to Georgia, but I decided to stay an extra day for a couple of reasons.  

First, I came here with the intention of knitting a skinny summer scarf for Susan, but somehow it took on a life of its own and was wider and longer than I planned.  It’s made from tie-dyed ribbon in shades of blue and some red and gray and screams for the wearer to release her inner hippie.  It’s going to be beautiful with denim.  So, yesterday afternoon, it wasn’t finished, and I was so stuffed with Soufflé Potatoes and Eggs Benedict from lunch at Galatoire’s that I couldn’t concentrate on it without making multiple errors.  And yes, there is a Galatoire’s here.  It opened after Katrina.  I got to eat lunch at one of Clint’s and my favorite restaurants in the world, and it was just as good as on Bourbon Street.

Then, as I was struggling to knit, Prentiss told me that they had a couple arriving tomorrow evening that I should stay and meet.  Charlie is an MD who specializing in anti-aging medicine, and Prisilla is a nurse who I met in 1973 when she was Prentiss’ girlfriend and Clint and I went with them on a trip to Las Vegas.  I have seen anti-aging doctors on TV and I have read about them, and I’m fascinated by the subject, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet one.  (And then there was the thing of being very curious about Priscilla).

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