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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Child Who Chose Use - Part 4

12/20/10 Synchronicity and Love

I need to write something happy, so I am going to continue my story of Deidra, the Child Who Chose Us. The series starts here.

Poppy and Deidra at at fundraiser for The Red Cross. She was the Nurse-Bartender!

Her marriage to John lasted only about two years. It as doomed from the beginning, but when the divorce was final, she kept pushing herself into a life that included landing a job as Project Manager for a prestigious Savannah construction company - Reeves Worrell - who were doing a great deal of building on Sea Island at the time.

She took on the job like everything else in her life, with confidence and conviction, and in no time she was much sought after and respected for her work.

Her job entailed “walking the jobs” that were in progress. She did everything from boss around the workers to meeting with the clients to consult about all the details of the house - everything from light and bathroom fixtures to roof tiles and how big the pool should be. Where should the light switches go, and how many should there be? The outdoor kitchen? The appliances? She researched and shopped for them all, making trips to Atlanta at least once a week to do research and consult with clients and architects.

In short, she was an ace.

During this time, we learned more and more about one another, and in that knowledge, we found amazing synchronicity. After we sold our big house in Macon when we retired in 1995, and she was a student at Wesleyan College in Macon, she baby-sat for the children who lived there! She was as familiar with our house and our neighbors as we were.

We discovered mutual friends we would never have dreamed of. When she brought her new potential boyfriend by to meet us on July 5, 2001, it turned out that he had been in our house many times. The man who built our house worked for Taylor’s family before he retired. Taylor’s family owned Atlanta Falcons at the time. Then we found out Taylor was college roommates with the son of one of Clint’s colleagues, a surgeon in Macon.

The two eventually married, but not for four years. He is quite a few years her senior and was concerned that she would miss out on having babies and all that They continued date for a couple of years, each dating other people, too.

That all came to a halt when Peter Nedved, who played for the New York Rangers at the time, developed a serious interest in Deidra and began pursuing her. He invited her to South Beach for a long weekend at the Delano, and when Taylor found out about it, he followed her down there!

He and a friend made the trip, and the first person Deidra saw was Taylor, having a beer at the bar. They kept meeting each other in the elevator, and she was forced to introduce him to Peter, who sensed there was more going on than met the eye! She would never abandon a date - even for a man who had followed her 600 miles, but Peter did not know that. They started intentionally avoiding Taylor when at all possible. They had rooms on the same floor, and one morning - and you have to know Deidra to believe this - when Taylor was getting out of the elevator, she was getting in (in her bathrobe) to go to the lobby for Starbucks. She was too impatient to wait for room service. See a pattern here?

More next time.

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KeLLy aNN said...

oh the titillating details....
intrigue: the color of raspberry.
Your stories always have a life to them. I can't wait for the next piece.

Sue said...

This is shaping up to be a pretty interesting story!


Katie Gates said...

Fascinating story, and I love all the synchronicities! Life is always interesting that way, isn't it? Happy Holidays, CJ! I wish you the best... and especially bright things in 2011.