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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - Changes

My new year is beginning on a good note. One amazing thing that happened is that, one week after accepting a full time job in psych, Suzanne from Inpatient Hospice at Pine Pointe called me to say she had received a resignation from one of her full time nurses and offered me the job! That is always what I wanted - a full time job in Hospice. (I need the benefits, not to mention the money). Funny how it took me taking matters into my own hands for things to work out the way I wanted. I start my new job on Monday, the tenth!

On that day, Tuesday, the 28th, I was in Savannah for a private tutorial with my writing mentor, Rosemary Daniell. We did quality work on some of my poems and set some goals. I came away feeling very good about my poems and fortunate to have such a good teacher. And I’ve been working hard on revisions of some older work, and I have a new poem rolling around in my head.

I spent Tuesday night with my granddaughter, Addie, and her family, so the trip was a double success. We had a late exchange of gifts, and they gave me the most precious wrist bag by Coach. The best part was being with Addie and her family.

I had a watershed event on Sunday, when I, after nearly 19 months, I was finally able to take Clint’s trousers off the silent butler and put them away in the closet. They were the last pants he wore before he went to the hospital for his final visit before coming home with Hospice. I took down his belts and hung them in the closet and wrapped up his Ugg bedroom shoes and tucked them away with his old Birkenstocks. I did it without crying, so the time must have been right. Until then, I wasn’t able to even consider moving those things. I polished the silent butler and put it in the guest room to be used by company.

Changes. Some bigger than others, but changes nonetheless. I feel challenged and energized and less depressed than in a long time.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

cj I am so happy for you and the job! Just what you wanted and needed. Great steps in putting away Clint's things...steps forward my friend, steps forward.

KeLLy aNN said...

wow, cj, you really are coming along.
I'm glad to hear you so upbeat and excited.
I still have some of my dad's stuff, some I keep out, some I keep tucked away.
Grief is so odd...the first year after my dad died, I think I went to the cemetery once.
Then for some odd reason, for the next year or so, it was everyday.
My whole day was screwed if I couldn't get to the cemetery.
Going back to work, and a growing child mellowed that out and now I only go a few times a year.
Mostly I just light a candle at home for them.
I'm very excited to hear about your journey's this year, and
Congratulations on the new job!
Peace, LoVe, and GrOOviness, my friend!

Sue said...

And the healing continues.


PS. Sending a few warm hugs...

injaynesworld said...

Congratulations on the job. It's funny how the Universe rewards action. Looks like it just had to see that you were serious. And being able to put away Clint's things -- you're absolutely correct. The time was right and you knew that in your heart. I think 2011 is going to be a wonderful, creative, fulfilling year for you, my friend and I wish you every success and happiness.

Hugs, Jayne

faith said...

Congratulations! Here's to much happiness in the new year! :)