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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off on a Field Trip

After a week of self-pity and whining, I have decided to be done with that.  There is a new piece called "Curtains" on my poetry site that was my vehicle for dealing with the discomfort.  And, I have begun sweeping my mind free of negative energy, practicing a sort of mental yoga. 
After all, this is not cancer or child abuse or homelessness or hunger.  It is a stupid accident that resulted in burns that, in their own time, will heal.
Yes, I am worried about missing work, but I can control this situation no more than I can control a hurricane.  It is what it is.  Yes, the pain continues, is worse some times than at others, but it will end.  
I’ve taken no pain medicine since 6:30 this morning so I can go to Wal Mart after I bathe and change my dressings.  My dogs need food and treats, I’m out of milk and Tide, there is no fresh fruit in my house, and, besides, I am sick of staying home.  
Sure, friends and family have offered to do my marketing for me, but marketing is something that one does for one’s self.  It would take longer to explain my list than it would to simply go to the store myself.  
“Almond milk?  Really?  When did you start drinking that?  What kind of dog treats?  What kind of Tide do you want?  What if they don’t have Cameo apples?  I never heard of Starbuck’s VIA.  What use for panty hose could you possibly have?  Rogaine?  Where in hell do I find that?  If they don’t have Seven Sprouted Grains bread, can I subsitute some kind that actually tastes good?  Why do you need Prevacid?”
See what I mean?  Sometimes it’s just easier to skip the middle man.
When I arrive back home, I will, no doubt, lapse into a coma of fatigue, but getting out of this house for a while will be, oh, so worth it.
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August 2011


Sue said...

If you can handle it, getting out is probably a good idea anyway. Psychologically, if not physically.

Hugs to you.


Athena said...

I completely agree about a grocery list. It is immensley personal and whenever I seem to have one for public display, it is commented upon like I am the only person in the world who wants their Tide scent (Clean Breeze) and Downey scent (Clean Breeze) to match. ;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It will be good for you and yes you will be tired. I agree about trying to explain you list to someone else...I shopped for my daughter after the baby was born and had to call several times to make sure I got the right things. I will go read your poem! Rest! Talk soon.

Martha Mawson said...

There is something about going out when you have a physical reason not too - it's kind of like giving the illness or injury the old one-fingered salute and letting it know it can not and will not control you. I love your spirit and your humour. (And yes, I know what you mean about the grocery list - I've never had anyone come back with exactly what I would have bought myself.) Continued healing and gentle hugs.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Well if I was around, I would have at least offered to take you and you could have ridden on one of the electric basket thingys and I would have gotten the food you wanted. See it could have been a total blogging adventure.

Judie said...

OMG, Claudia! I am just now catching up, and read of your severe burns! There is absolutely nothing more painful! I feel soooo sorry for you, dear CJ! I hope that the pain has lessened in the last day or so. Please be careful when you go out!


Katie Gates said...

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the market, CJ. I agree that shopping lists are unique and should not need to be explained!

jeff campbell said...

I just know you would let me help...better yet, we could go together ;-) Peace and quick healing...

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I can actually control hurricanes. But trust me, it's not easy.

Domestic and Damned said...

Understand completely. When you're stuck in the house for more then three days for any reason, just getting to the store for ten minutes is a needed treat.