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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why I Have PSTD

On Thursday, October 7, Marcy's son dropped Parrish on my door step.  Marcy is Parrish's girlfriend and was on her way to Ohio.  She didn't want to leave him alone in Fort Lauderdale.

It was about 11:00 AM when Parrish stumbled though the kitchen door.  He was staggering.  His fly was open, and his khaki's were soaked with urine.  He could talk only in slurs. 

My personal assistant, Sophie, was due at 11:00, and she walked in the door before Parrish's "ride" left.  She helped me get Parrish in the car, and we drove to the emergency room. 

Parrish's blood alcohol was 435.  That level would mean death for most people.  While we were waiting on his blood alcohol, he admitted drinking 24 beers a day.  Amazingly, his tox screen was negative for street drugs.  The doctors and nurses started IV fluids.   

On two separate occasions, the MD asked Parrish if he wanted to be detoxified.  Both times, Parrish said "Yes."  So we left him there to be treated.

At 4:00 AM, the nurse woke me out of a restless sleep, telling me that Parrish had been dismissed with a blood alcohol of 189.  She had no idea why.  I didn't have a backup plan and sought advice from her.  She suggested taking him to the the public treatment center, River Edge, and advised me to be there when the doors opened. 

Parrish began having signs of DT's.  With some difficulty, I got him into the facility.  As soon as the nurse saw him, she directed me back to the hospital, explaining that the facility was not set up for detox.  

By then it was noon on Friday.  We went back to the hospital, where Parrish was admitted for observation and detox. He was admitted to hospital, where he stayed until Monday at noon.  

We went back River Edge.  The admission nurse said she would fast track him into the facility, but he would need a TB test and should come back in three days.  If it were negative, he would be admitted.

To be continued.  Writing is very difficult because of my short term memory loss. I lose my words and have to stop frequently to remember what I was going to write down.  Yes, it sucks

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