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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brain Vacation

Why do you suppose there are times like this when I sit down to write and can’t find my voice?  It’s not really writer’s block because I don’t have any trouble writing down my words.  I just feel disconnected from them.  

Maybe it’s physical fatigue.  Maybe it’s mental fatigue.  Probably it’s both.  It's a little brain vacation.

Joey and Shannon packed up the Teens and the Littles and Kristy in their big square Ford hybrid and were on the road by noon.  The energy in the flat changed immediately and Honey began to emerge from the funk she got in while they were here.  I keep forgetting she’s 10 years old and not a puppy any more.  The Littles didn’t do anything wrong.  The only thing they did was be themselves.

Late yesterday afternoon, Kiki and Marnie and Jacob and the Littles I all went to the beach at the old Coast Guard Station.  Kiki is Kristy’s grandmother name, and it suits her.  The tide was high and the waves kept knocking the Littles around.  They didn’t care.  They retreated momentarily then waded back in to be knocked around some more.

I tried to body surf but the waves were short and I only got in one decent ride and that took forever.  More than a couple of times the rough water turned me into a pretzel knot and kept busting me back down every time I started to get up.   

The rest of the time I spent at the edge of the water with Kiki and the Littles.  We took a break and started making sand castles but the tide kept coming in and dissolving them.  The Littles squealed in dismay every time it happened, but they wouldn’t move.  I could tell they secretly enjoyed the destruction.  I showed them how to make a drip castle and I made one on my thigh so the rising water couldn’t get to it.  It kept falling down anyway.  

If I weren’t on steroids, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed this morning.  I think everyone should get a Dose Pack on his or her birthday every year.  It makes me feel all full of energy and really smart, which is probably why athletes like steroids so much.  God knows they need to feel smart and all that extra energy doesn’t hurt either. 
So much for my Dose Pack theory.  My brain is shorting out and I'm going to bed.  

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09/03/13 @1:00 AM

1 comment:

Sue said...

Glad to read this because it sounds like you are feeling better.

Things have been pretty rough for you, and a day at the beach with people you care about sounds like good medicine.