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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nobody's Gonna Steal my Happy

I just got a call from Judie McEwen.  She’s a visual artist and a blogger and I met her online a few years ago when I was doing this online meme called Saturday Centus.  Jenny Matlock conducts the meme if you have any desire to check it out. Judie’s blog is called Rogue Artists.  She says she has been slack about posting but it’s worth a visit just to see her blog.  I’m still planning to build my own domain but that has taken a back seat to all this moving and unpacking and settling in.

I knew from her blog that Judie had been uprooted from Tuscon, Arizona, to Brunswick, but I somehow didn’t think of it until yesterday.  I looked her up on Facebook and sent her a message and now we are probably going to have lunch on Thursday.

The amazingness of this move continues to, well, amaze me.  I’m so full of myself I went out yesterday to get new lenses put in my glasses and ended up buying a red pair.  And they are red.  And they look good on me and they make me feel sassy.  

This whole change has made me feel sassy and sure of myself and creative.  Even with all these boxes yet to be unpacked and all these things sitting around waiting for me to do something with them, I feel empowered and strong.  

Honey and I are walking over a mile twice a day on the fitness trail down the road.  It’s woodsy and wild and cool and filled with bugs.  I have all natural insect repellent and I spray it on both of us before we leave the house.  It works.  Yesterday a snake slithered across the path in front of us but Honey was so busy with her nose to the ground, she didn’t notice.

There are usually some young people playing Frisbee golf on the course that’s laid out among the oaks on the bluff.  They take it very seriously and that makes me laugh.  
I guess I’ll never stop feeling like I need to tell everybody how happy I am.  At least I hope I never stop.  Not even the business I post on Madness, Mania and Muddlement can steal my happy.

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Judie said...

You found your voice. You found your happy. No one has the power to take those away unless you give it to him. Don't give yourself away, my sister!!!

Viki said...

You sound happy. There for a while I couldn't get on your blogs, even though you sent me that email for some reason, it wouldn't let me on. I have to go back and read about your changes.