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Monday, December 21, 2009



I take pills for depression and a heart rhythm thing. Today, I forgot to take them, the ones for in the morning. (I did remember to brush my teeth). I did’t notice until I got ready to take the ones for night. I think my heart would beat okay if people would stop dying and breaking it. I smoke cigarettes and I have a heart thing, which makes me a clear example of a person being intelligent and stupid at the same time. Smoking is stupid no matter who does it but it is really stupid if you have a heart thing.

The sun came out today, and I sat on the deck in the cool afternoon and knitted a ruffled scarf for my friend and I smoked and drank coffee the whole while. Crazy people smoke and drink lots of coffee.

On Mondays, I have dinner with my Dead Husband’s children. The restaurant was filled with fat families with fat crying babies and there weren’t enough servers and the food wasn’t right and none of us wanted to be there anyway.

I came home and pulled on the red sweater and climbed into bed.

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