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Friday, January 1, 2010

#11 New Year’s Day


Breaking my own sef-imposed rule, I’ve been in bed all day either knitting yet another pink ruffled scarf or writing.  I tried to watch LSU play football because My Dead Husband, Clint, played there on scholarship before he tore his knee and had to quit.  He really just wanted to be a doctor and though I wasn’t around at the time, I don’t think it broke his heart to leave the gridiron.  I had to stop watching because they were playing like losers, so I did the most amazing thing and started watching a Criminal Minds marathon.  What is the hell does that say about me?  I have music in my little house, lots of it, and it has been weeks since I even turned on my TV.  So, I pick today to take up the moronic pursuit of College Football and a program about serial killers.  I'm not myself today, or am I?

The dogs have insinuated themselves so close as to be nearly under my side, and the expanse where My Dead Husband should be lying has grown wider and wider, looking like an ocean leading to the edge of the earth.

I need to get out of these clothes.  On Wednesday night after dinner with my stepdaughter, Kristy, I came home and climbed into a pair of grey velour “warm-up” pants, the lower half of a set I bought last winter at Steinmart and I pulled The Red Sweater over my head and haven’t changed since - except for my panties.  Oh, please.  I may forget to brush my teeth some times, but I wear clean drawers.

I even went to the movies last night in this get-up, pulling on a big back cardigan and thick scarf and padding into the theater in my black Uggs, a gift from Clint last Christmas.  It cost me $17 to get a ticket for Up In The Air and a Diet Coke and some popcorn that was too salty to eat.  I wrote about the movie on my other blog, "Living Through It" so I won’t repeat it here.
What I really want to do is drink vodka from a crystal tumbler and keep on until I am tired of it or it puts me down.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean my little house and take a bath.  Happy New Year.

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