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Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25, 2013 - Tough Decision

On Sunday morning, I drove to the motel and brought Parrish back to my house.  He was coughing and blowing and feverish.  He was amazingly calm and said he was terrified all night that the thugs from the “House” would find him and hurt or even kill him.

He said he felt safe for the first time in weeks.  I doctored his cold/flu and he lay down on the sofa and was asleep almost at once.  I began to mull over what I should do with him.  I can’t afford a motel, and as I have reported before, there is no available public housing in Macon.  

Parrish spent the entire day sleeping, only getting up for soup and the bathroom.  He coughed in his sleep and was feverish again four hours after his cold medicine.  I re-dosed him and he lay back down, again asleep in minutes.

After prayer and self-examination, I made the difficult decision to allow him to stay here.  Rosemary will understand, but most will shake their heads and decide that I have lost my mind and my resolve.  I’m okay with what any of my readers think of this decision.  I know you are there for me.

I reiterated the importance that he not show out or drink while here, saying I would have to drop him at Salvation Army if he did.  I have put him out before.  

Parrish slept all morning.  He was still sick and feverish but rode with me to fetch his Cymbalta from River Edge and to Drivers Assistance to get an ID.  It was cold and extremely windy and the line was out the door.  I decided to go today.  Back home, he slept all afternoon.

In today's mail I found a check from Parrish's father and stepmother, a very generous gift of $2500. made out to P.   There was a previous check, but that's another post.  His stepmother* found my blog and learned of our situation and messaged me on Facebook.  We have exchanged several messages over the last month and agree to leave the past where it is and move forward with a clean slate.   Her generosity will go far.  I have found a one bedroom apartment for P, and we will need furnishings.  Him having  adequate funds is a huge help to me and I am grateful.

 *  I have not yet asked her if I may publish her name

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Ujjvala said...

Another instance that the public should see of the effect of the mentally ill member on family life.

I checked the previous blog, and I don’t see where it says that you had taken him to a motel instead of back to the boarding house.

Is it possible to record some of the actual dialogue between you and Parrish?

What does “show out” mean? Also, “blowing”?

“Extremely windy” - like “gusty”?

“I decided to go today” - do you mean that you got on line at River Edge? Did Parrish stay in the car?

Even though my mother is a retired psychologist, I didn’t know a number of the terms that you use, like “perseverating.” What do you think a glossary on your blog, if possible? Alternately, you could include links to an online dictionary or reference with each instance of psychiatry terms.

Viki said...

Oh gosh, I hope things have settled down more and Parrish is well. That place he's living doesn't sound too great... Hope your having a good Easter.