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Sunday, March 10, 2013

In summary.........03/10/13

I am so behind on posts, I have decided to make this one a summary of the events that occurred since February 13.  I may edit out some minor details, but I want to keep it as concise and unwieldy as possible.  This is a month’s work of information.  You’ve read much of it before.  I am trying, without much success, to rearrange my posts so they are easier to read without being confused.

Between February 14 and 20, Parrish was, at intervals, psychotic, dissociative, manic and distracted. When he is manic, he can walk for miles and remain hyperactive.  He went to the club and tried to charge merchandise to me.  When the young man from the shop phoned to get my permission, I made sure he understood that P did not have consent to shop with my number. Later, he had no memory if being at the club.

We went the next day to fill the Risperdil that the ER physician wrote. Since he had to make it stretch over two weeks before seeing a doctor at the public health psychiatric facility, Parrish spread the doses over the days.

Over the following days and weeks, Parrish continued to have a multitude of severe symptoms. He walked the four miles to my house several times, and each time I drove him home. He took Risperdil when he recognized that he was becoming manic, but it was not enough or the proper dosage.  He continued to perseverate and his behavior was inappropriate much of the time.  He was so manic on the day I took him to the Social Security office that I had to constantly tell him to lower his voice. He bounced up to grab the door every time someone approached it.

I came home exhausted in the same way I am exhausted every time I spend more than a few minutes with him.

I continued to see my Psyciatrist and my Therapist.  They get credit for keeping me centered enough to deal with all the chaos. They have encouraged me in my petition for guardianship of Parrish.

Last week, Parrish gave me his debit card into which his SSI is deposited each month. I see this as progress.  He remains sober and attends meetings.  If he drinks, he will no doubt find himself back in jail.

Because he was in jail all of February and received his benefits when he should not have, he got no money for March. I will keep the card and when there are funds available, pay his rent and dole out an allowance to him. 

We are on a roller coaster that is breaking down. Parrish’s disease is spiraling him into more madness.  Tomorrow morning, we have an appointment at River Edge.  It is my fervent prayer that a physician there will make some much needed changes in his medicine and set up a treatment plan for him that includes an inpatient stay.

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Viki said...

I pray that you get some relief for yourself soon. Hang in there.

Karen S. said...

Praying for the answers and relief that you need. I read this with a heavy heart, as well as your last and next post, and was sent here from a link on Judie's blog. Take good care.

Sue said...

I hope he can get the help he needs, CJ. And I'm glad you are getting help yourself in order to cope.


Jenny said...

I'm so sorry to read this.

I am so proud of you, though, taking care of your own mental health needs as you deal with this intensely difficult time.

I am putting you both on my daily prayer list.

Please know that I will add you all to my message board prayer list as well.

Hugs and hope.