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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Emergency Meds 02/13/13

When I was fully awake, I called around and see if I could get a psychiatrist to see Parrish.  It was a long and frustrating endeavor.  They all slammed the door in my face the moment they learned that Parrish is indigent.  My last call was to a shrink in the same building as my therapist.  The receptionist was kind and sympathetic.  She advised me to call the “Life Line” at one of the local hospitals. 

I made the call.  A soft spoken woman advised me to take P to their emergency room.  She said the ER doctors would check out Parrish to ensure he is not suffering a physical event, and if they gave him a pass, a psychiatrist from the psych hospital would come and evaluate him.  All the while we were waiting, Parrish was becoming more manic by the minute. He was walking like a race walker and went in and out of the building to smoke.  

It was a while before everything was worked out, but the shrink wrote that P is schizophrenic and in crisis.  He gave him some prescriptions to tie him over for 30 days.  

We went directly to the pharmacy and filled the Lithium and Trazadone.  There was a script for Risperidal, an antipsychotic drug but because of the cost ($7.30 a pill), we decided to try the other drugs and see if they would be enough to keep him halfway sane.

His symptoms were softened, and we had hope that he would be able to make it until he sees the doctor.  We should have filled the Risperidal from the beginning.

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Sue said...

I wish these medications were not so expensive. It keeps people who need them out of the loop.


Karen S. said...

There should be a law against having necessary and life threatening meds too expensive. Now here's an idea they should push, instead just pushing to rid guns!

Ames said...

CJ have you thought of contacting the manufacturer direct? Sometimes they offer their drugs to people at low cost and even no cost. Couldn't hurt to ask. Hugs, Ames

Jenny said...

I know this story.

We live this story with our daughter.

I agree with Ames. It might be worth a try.

Is there no mental help agencies there at all.

So sad.

Lily Strange said...

Mental health is swept under the rug in this country. Myself, I have bipolar disorder (type II), borderline personality disorder, and OCD. I can't tolerate most medications and only take a low dose of Lithium, as well as certain nutritional supplements. But some people absolutely need certain meds and that they can't get them is infuriating.