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Monday, January 21, 2013

Peace and Beauty

Until today, Belle was unable to overcome her fear of the stairs.  This is our third full day here, and she is gingerly navigating the steep stairs.  Coming down is the hard part.  Tonight I will take her bed to our room and we will all sleep better.

Today is even more beautiful than yesterday.  The air is clear and bright and smells of the sea.  Our little parade of three marches in an early walk under the canopy of trees.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have been, and it dazzles me every time I come here.  On a previous visit, I saw Wood Storks and a Bald Eagle but this time the blustery weather has precluded birdwatching. 

I tried to read on the deck, but the dogs couldn’t get settled and I had trouble seeing the pages of my book.  We came inside and, like every other room in this house, the living room has terrible lighting for reading.  So, I went to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle edition of my book and began to read.  Wonderful.  Now I can read.  E-books are a miracle for me and my eyes.  

Introspection is growing out of the Diamond in your Pocket.  I find myself looking inward after reading only a portion of the book.  Peace and happiness are in me, but I will not find them by searching.  I must accept them, allow myself to open up and let them just be.

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Sue said...

Oh yes. (As you can see, I'm reading backward.) And very glad to find that three days in you are thoroughly enjoying yourself.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

So nice to see that you are having a good trip and resting! It is so important to restore yourself.