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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Trip to Paradise

We left Macon at 4:45 and yesterday’s trip was about normal for me.  My usual trip anxiety set in and I had several errands to finish, including having the dogs bathed and making a trip all the way down to the vet’s office to get Belle’s arthritis medicine.  I was here before I realized I got the wrong dosage.  

I only left two things that are important:  my pain medicine and dog food.  

On the way down, I took a wrong turn in Jesup, of all places.  I have driven through that town what seems like 100 times without getting lost.  I turned at the wrong intersection and started down a road that immediately appeared unfamiliar.  So, I stopped for advice and was directed back the way I came.  Soon I was in familiar territory, and got back on track.  

After arriving on Saint Simons Island, I stopped at Harris Teeter for dog food and milk.  The wind was cold and blowing what felt like a gale, but it did not affect my joy at being on the coast again.

Sea Island Causeway leads to the guard house that sits just before Village Creek, the body of water separating the island from Saint Simons.  The guards are young with eager and shiny faces.  An attractive young man handed me my Sea Island pass, and I tossed it into the  windshield and drove the 37 or so blocks down Sea Island Drive to Ocean Forest, the gated and very exclusive community where my wonderful friend, Deidra, has a house.  It is at the end of the road and overlooks the Hampton River.  The dogs and I have the house to ourselves.   

It was dark at land’s end.  I got out and found the key, opened the house and turned on some lights.    Instead of leaving the dogs in the car, I let them out and into the house.  Stiff and sore from driving, I was slow to unload the few things I packed in my car.  The steps are steep, as are the stairs in the house.  Out of shape and already exhausted, I struggled with the stairs every time I climbed them.  I don’t know how many trips back and forth from the car it took to deliver our things up to my room. 

Belle was whining at the bottom of the stairs, and I assumed she was hungry.  I fed both of the dogs from the bag of dog food from Harris Teeter, but neither would eat it.  Since Baby’s medicine was not strong enough for her, I cut an aspirin in half and stirred it into her food.  She turned up her nose at it.  I resorted to mixing in some chicken noodle soup from a can.  No go.  Honey did eat her food after I put in the soup.  

I crawled back upstairs to find some Aleve and grab my iPad.  Belle pooped on the floor before I stumbled back down.  Thank God she missed the rug.  I cleaned up the mess and put both dogs on leashes and took them outside for a walk.  The wind nearly blew all of us off our feet, but we managed to stay out long enough for the dogs to finish their business.  

Since it was 9:00 PM when we arrived, bedtime came soon.  Honey and I went upstairs to get ready for bed, and before I could brush my teeth, Baby was back at the foot of the stairs, wailing.  I went down to encourage her to come up, but she refused.  She was afraid.  That fear, along with her crippling arthritis, grounded her.  I went back upstairs to finish my toilette, she continued to whine.  I left on my warmup pants and sweater and went down to sit with Belle until she fell asleep in her bed.

After an hour, Honey and I went back upstairs and were tucking ourselves in when the wailing began anew.  Down we went, and Honey and I fell asleep on the sofa.

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Sue said...

Even on vacation the struggles come. I would love to see you get a complete rest in a wonderful place like that. Maybe it improved in the following days??

i hope