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Monday, January 21, 2013

Rest and Relax

I woke at 3:30, every bone and muscle screaming.  While Belle continued to sleep, Honey and I dragged ourselves upstairs and fell into bed.  

At 6:30 Belle was at the bottom of the stairs, howling.    I brushed my teeth to the song of her complaint and we were downstairs in just a few minutes.  Out the back door, the river rolled by and the weather was blustery and cold.  The dogs didn’t seem to mind, but the wind whipped my hair into my face, stinging it.  

The dogs were energized by the fresh and cool air, and they jumped around, entangling me in their leashes as I worked to keep my sweater wrapped around me and my hair out of my eyes.

With some effort, we disentangled without any major accident.  They dogs were not ready to leave the yard and continued to celebrate the fresh air.  I resorted to begging and bribing with the offer of food.

Again, neither dog would eat, and Belle needed her medicine.  In the pantry, I found a can of dog food especially made to sweeten their food.  It worked.

The rest of the day was devoted to settling in.  I could not find my dental guard, though I had worn it during the night, nor could I find the extra one I thought I packed.  I put away my clothes, and figured out how to work the TV.   

All of us were so tired from the trip and no sleep, the day was devoted to settling in to relax and enjoy the view across the river all the way to Little Saint Simons Island, and out over the Atlantic Ocean.  There was plenty of time for writing and napping.

Late in the afternoon, we walked down lush Ocean Forest Drive, and on the way back, I pulled Spanish moss off of some trees and brought it to the house.  I’m going to take it home and see if it will grow in my back yard.  
In an effort to find myself I’m reading the Diamond is your Pocket by Gangaji.  I hope I will acquire some knowledge that makes my life better.  I’ll write a book review on The Red Sweater.

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