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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Relapse - Again

I am in the middle of a relapse.  There, I said it, as much as it pains me to admit it.  This morning I could not put my earrings in my lobes, and my fine motor skills are compromised except when I am typing my blog posts and my journal.  What does that say about my situation?  Does it mean that the only thing that can override my shakiness is my desire to communicate through the written word?  

My gait is almost staggering.

My memory is once more holding me back.  This afternoon at the pet store, I couldn’t remember the word “harness” when I decided to buy a new one for Honey.  The clerk looked at me skeptically as I struggled to remember the word and ended up walking to the display and showing her what I wanted.    

These symptoms do not define me.  They are not the measure of who I am or who I will be.  They are what they are.  

It came to me that my symptoms may be related to diet.  I don’t eat enough fresh and whole foods.  I don’t eat enough whole grains.  I don’t eat enough cold water fish.  I should concentrate more on preparing and consuming healthy foods.  

As proof of my compromised mental acuity, I will tell the story of locking the keys in my car at Harris Teeter this afternoon.  I didn’t take my phone into the store.  If it were in my pocket, I would have been able to open the car with OnStar.  But, the phone was parked right next to my keys.  I have no idea why I left it in the car.

I called Sea Island Security and they sent a car to fetch me and take me back to the house for my other set of keys.  A beautiful black man with shiny skin and a smile a foot wide drove me all the way to the north end of Sea Island and waited while I got the keys.  Then he drove me back.  My life is blessed with angels.

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Martha Mawson said...

I love these words - "These symptoms do not define me. They are not the measure of who I am or who I will be. They are what they are." As we get older, and things stop working as well as they did when we were young, this is the most important thing to remember. Thank you, CJ, for giving a mantra I can embrace with all my arthritic being.

injaynesworld said...

"They are what they are..." Yes. I forget words all the time. Now I just call it "buffering." I know the word will show up eventually when it's through "downloading," and it always does. I'm just glad to see you're back writing again, my friend.